Christiane has been performing in stage, film, TV and radio productions for over 15 years and has a wide range of skills that make her one of the most versatile performers around today. [read more...]

Her outstanding, versatile voiceover work for commercials, games, industrial and broadcast productions, and CD/DVD products vanguards her professional career. She is the voice of Carmen Sandiego and Batgirl (Learning Co./Broderbund), among hundreds more.

Her acting skills make her a sought-after talent for on-camera and stage work as well. Find out about Christane's latest on-camera projects here.

You can hear samples of her versatility in the realistic character portrayals and smooth commercial delivery in the audio files available below.

Archived samples:

These files should play readily in your browser or with any MP3 player. If you need such a player, you can find several available FREE or inexpensively here.

If for any reason you can't access these files, or if you'd like the full professional demonstration recording, contact Christiane directly to request a demo CD.

Acting Resumé

VoiceOver Resumé

VoiceOver Client List


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